Blade to Digital Conversion

Are you a microblading artist looking to progress onto digital machine? Convert from microblading to digital machine with this 2-day conversion course. We will teach you how to perform an ombre and powdered brow using a digital machine along with the ever so popular blade and shade method. You will learn the theory side of digital machine and recap the fundamentals of tattooing such as the importance of understanding blood Bourne pathogens and how you need to adapt your treatments to ensure high hygiene standards. You will also be introduced into our way of brow mapping with the extremely popular white pen showcased across our social media accounts.


Course information

Course Price: £3,500 inclusive of VAT

Duration: 2 Days / 9am – 5pm

Location: Blush & Brow Academy, 12 Sompting Road, Worthing BN14 9EP

Kit: Full kit and machine included

Models/Demos: Models and lunch supplied by the academy for the course

Booking Fee Option 1: £250 deposit and remaining balance due on day of training.

Booking Fee Option 2: £1,000 deposit and a further 10 payments of £250 starting with the first payment being due 4 weeks prior to your course start date via standing order (a financial contract must be signed but a credit check will not be performed.)

Entry Requirement: You must already hold a qualification in the following



  • Pre-care requirements
  • Contra-indications
  • Skin anatomy
  • Allergies & diseases
  • Pigment Selection
  • Brow Mapping
  • Pricing and treatment times
  • Workstation set up
  • Compiling client consultation/consent forms
  • Sanitation (BBP)
  • Health & Safety
  • Live demos
  • Hands-on practical
  • How to deliver quality customer service
  • Symmetry perfecting
  • Patch testing
  • 3 Point stretch
  • How to capture quality brow photos
  • Aftercare



  • White Brow Mapping Pen
  • 10 x 1RL 0.25 Needles
  • 10 x 3RL 0.25 Needles
  • 9 Inch Pigment Pots
  • The Blush Pad Digital Machine
  • Tattoo Grip Bandage
  • Tina Davis Pigment Range
  • Black Calliper
  • Pigment Cup Holder
  • In Depth Manual


This course is for microblading artists wishing to progress onto digital machine brows.

Blush & Brow Company