Blade and Shade Treatments Worthing


Blade & Shade

Consultation: FREE

Treatment Cost: £375

(Includes ONE touch up procedure 4-12 weeks after initial procedure)


6-9 months colour boost £125

9-12 months colour boost £150

12-15 months colour boost £175

15-18 months colour boost £200


A combination between hair strokes and a powder method. Many clients love the idea of a natural effect of hair strokes throughout the brow with a little added shading through the belly of the brow giving a little density. We can build up the eyebrow with a natural wispy hair stroke effect and use a more powder effect going through to the ends to give the client that little bit more than a hair stroke brow but not as much as a powder brow. A great and very popular in-between option.

Treatment Time: 2 Hours Maximum

Patch Test: A patch test is required 48 hours before treatment.

Booking Fee: A non-refundable £100 booking fee is required at time of booking. Please be aware an appointment is not secure until this payment has been received..




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